Invest in a sailing yacht

As a charter company we are always looking to add more boats to our fleet, and we want to do this together with you.

Own it, sail it and have an income from it.

Owning a sailing yacht and letting us take care of it when you don’t use it makes boat ownership both easy, and financially smart. The principle is simple, you own the boat, and we take care of all administration, service and rental of the boat. We then share the income and costs based on the program you have chosen. We call this Charter Management. 

In addition to being your Charter Management partner we also help you in the process of purchasing a boat. We work with a number of the big shipyard and help you find the right boat based on:

What size is good for charter?

Monohulls between 35ft and 60ft

Catamarans between 40ft and 55ft

Where will my boat be located?

For the summer season 2021 all boats will be located in Marina SCT Trogir and we will transfer a few big boats to Caribbean for the winter season 2021. In the coming years we will also open more bases which will give you the option to relocate your boat to other destinations if you wish. Charing your interest in where you would like to have your boat is of great value for us so we can prioritize our expansion in areas where you would like to sail.

How do I own my boat

How do I own my boat?

For any European citizen is it financially most effective to own the boat via a limited company (a Croatian d.o.o or equivalent) due to the VAT. If you are a citizen of a country with a low or no VAT or a country with specific VAT incentives for yachts it might be an option to own the boat privately.


How do I establish a company in Croatia if I don’t have one?

Through our well-established contacts with a law firm as well as an external accounting firm we can very easily provide the contacts necessary to open a company in Croatia. The cost is approximately 1.000€ in total and you have to put in approximately 3.000€ in share capital into your company as well.

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Can you help me finance my boat?

We do assist with financing of your boats with primarily Croatian Banks. These banks understand well the process of financing boats and have a proven track record of being competitive with interest rates.

What different charter management program can I choose from?

You have two options. A fixed (guaranteed) income or a performance-based income. The Guaranteed income is offered on a limited number of boats and with a strict set of equipment installed on the boat. The performance-based model is more flexible.

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Guaranteed income program

The guaranteed income is based on a percentage of the new boat price that you pay for the boat. This income is the net amount you will receive and there is no additional cost for your ownership. The income is paid on a monthly basis in order to match leasing payments if any.

Purchase price ex. VAT:400.000€
Duration of the contract:5,5 years
Guaranteed income per year ex VAT (9%):36.000€
Total income at the end of contract:198.000€
Owner weeks:2+2 per year

Perfomance income program

The performance income program is based on a revenue share with a division of the booking price per week. The income is divided into 3 categories: 20% agency commission, 15% charter base commission and 65% to the owner. The agency commission is the part that the company that has the end client receives, usually a broker or tour operator somewhere in the world. The charter base commission is our fee as a charter company. Therefore, it could be simplified as a 35/65 split which is a common term in the industry.

In contrast to the Guaranteed income program, you are also responsible for the boats expenses if you choose a performance program. The expenses are:

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What extras do I have to pay for when using a owners week

The only mandatory extra is our regular convenience package. This is mainly the cleaning of the boat as well as towels, bed linens etc. the setup is similar to what you expect when you enter a hotel room.



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