A tailor made holiday to your needs

Our Crewed Charter suits everyone, even if you can sail or have never been on board a sailboat before.

Crewed Charter with More Yacht Club

During a Crewed Charter on our boats, you get to experience wonderful sailing and many new places while you can completely relax and enjoy your holiday. On board the boats there is a skipper and a host, they take care of cooking, planning and sailing. On board we serve both breakfast and lunch, you eat and drink well throughout the trip.

The food served onboard is matched according to the preference sheet you will fill out prior to departure so you get every little detail the way you want it to be.

You really get to see the destination from its best side during a Crewed Charter with More Yacht Club. This is because you can reach places by sailboat that you would not otherwise reach. The crew on board takes you to new destinations every day and you get to experience many new places during a Crewed Charter with us. You will see hidden coves, chalk-white beaches, picturesque villages, turquoise lagoons and coral reefs.

The days during a Crewed Charter are interspersed with sun, swimming, sailing, good food and adventure. Whether you have a lot of sailing experience or none at all, More Yacht Club’s Crewed Charter suits you. The fact that you can choose how active you want to be on board is of course a reason why our Crewed Charter is so popular. You do not have to worry about hoisting sails, steering or tie knots, it’s taken care of the crew. Of course, you can participate in the sailing as much as you want, if you want.

Crewed Charter - why should you choose it?

You visit many places

Because the boat sails to a new destination every day, you get to experience many new places during a Crewed Charter. At the same time, you reach places by sailboat that you otherwise cannot reach, so you get to see places you might not otherwise have seen. 


You get both sun, swimming and adventure

Because the boat sails to a new destination every day, you get to experience many new places during a Crewed Charter. At the same time, you reach places by sailboat that you otherwise cannot reach, so you get to see places you might not otherwise have seen.


You will be taken care of by our staff

On board you have a skipper and a host who is responsible for your well-being and security throughout the trip. At the same time, they sail the boat, serve good food and drinks and show you to new places that no hotel can offer.

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Guest relaxing

You get to learn new things

It does not matter if you have previous experience of sailing and boating because the crew on board handles sailing and the boat. You can of course take part in the sailing as much or as little as you want. As a result, you can learn a lot of new things during the trip. 

Boats we sail with.

During our Crewed Charter in Croatia we sail with different boat models, we always choose large and spacious sailboats where you live comfortably on board. The different boats can accommodate different numbers of people, usually between 8 to 12 guests. The spots on board can be booked by an entire party if you want the whole boat for yourself, or by several smaller parties where you then also get the opportunity to get to know new acquaintances.

On board the boat, both breakfast and lunch are served, it is eaten around the table in the cockpit. The foredeck is usually the favorite place on board the boat, here you can meanwhile the boat sails in peace and quiet sunbathing, hear the waves crashing or maybe see a dolphin jump in front of the bow. At the back of the boat there is a bathing platform and ladder that makes it easy to get in and out of the cooling sea. If you are a larger company that wants to sail a specific boat, we will of course arrange it, you are welcome to contact us.



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Sailing in Croatia

Croatia is best experienced from a sailboat. There are many beautiful places to sail between, such as historic towns with narrow alleys and cobblestones that have been polished completely shiny. The Adriatic Sea is deep, crystal clear and easy to navigate because there are so few shallow areas. During the summer, Croatia has a very pleasant climate, it is even the country in Europe with the most hours of sunshine per year. Each island has its own story to tell, with its traditions and local festivities. Sail in Croatia and escape from the stress to hidden coves and the adventures offered along the coast.

Our Crewed Charter in Croatia is based on the Split region. The journey starts in Troigr which is just a few minutes from Split airport. From the mainland we venture out among the islands along the Adriatic coast. The region is called Dalmatia and we sail between islands such as Solta, Brac, Hvar and Vis. It is a protected archipelago and it is therefore rare that there are a lot of waves, it makes sailing and life on board comfortable. There are many factors that together make Croatia the sailing paradise that it is.

Sailing in Croatia with crew

Sailing in Croatia with a skipper and host on board during a Crewed Charter on our boats, you get to experience sailing at its best, completely without worries. On board the boat, you are in safe hands with the crew. They cook, guide to hidden paradise bays, recommend restaurants and sail the boat while you can just enjoy. You eat breakfast and lunch on the boat while dinner is eaten at a restaurant. There are no musts on the sailboat, for you it is just to relax and go with, but of course you can participate in the sailing as much as you want. The combination of being taken care of by the crew while you get to visit new destinations every day, makes it a holiday you will soon forget.

A regular day on our boats often begins with a wonderful morning dip. Meanwhile, the host prepares the breakfast buffet. After everyone has eaten their breakfast, we set sail to reach the destination of the day. While we sail to the next destination, you have time to sunbathe, swim, read a book or just enjoy the surroundings. As lunch approaches, it smells wonderful from downstairs in the kitchen. Lunch is often enjoyed in a turquoise bay followed by a swim from the boat. After lunch you move on to a port, bay or maybe town where you spend the night. In the evening you get a chance to try the local cuisine and finish the evening at a local bar before letting the sea lull you to sleep in the boat.

No previous knowledge is required to sail in Croatia

When you book a Crewed Charter with More Yacht Club, no previous knowledge is required, it is enough to be curious about sailing and interested in the sea to experience a wonderful trip. Imagine a regular holiday trip, where instead of a hotel you live on a boat and wake up in new wonderful places every day.

You can book our Crewed Charter yourself and in this way meet new acquaintances. You can also book an entire boat just for your company, bring your family or friends and let our skippers and hosts pamper you.

A sailing in Croatia

During a sailing week with More Yacht Club, you get to experience many sides of Croatia, beautiful nature, villages that are over a thousand years old, quiet coves and vibrant summer paradise. All this together with a hefty dose of sun, swimming and sailing.

Since our fully crewed program is tailored to you wishes so is the route we sail.

We usually start from Trogir but if you have any preferences on a different pick-up or drop-iff location we will full fill such requests as well.


The island of Brac is the largest island in Croatia. Brac also has the highest mountain in the Adriatic which is 778 meters high. On Brac is the cozy village Milna, it is a quiet bay with a nice harbor promenade. Milna is usually a popular stop during our By the Cabin Charter. There are several other small villages as well, including Bobovisca na Moru, Skrip, Supetar and Bol Outside Bol there is also Zlatni Rat or the golden horn as the beach is also called. Outside Zlatni Rat, there are often many windsurfers.



Hvar is one of the most visited islands in Croatia and is also known for its lavender fields. The main town on Hvar, has the same name as the island, which is common in Croatia. Each city is known as the Saint Tropez of the Balkans, in the harbor are luxury yachts lined up along the quay. On Hvar there is also the town Stari Grad which means old town and is as the name suggests the oldest town on Hvar, 300 BC and was built by the Greeks. On the north side of Hvar are Jelsa and Vrboska, Vrboska is called little Venice.


Solta is close to the mainland but is still a relatively unexploited island with only 1500 inhabitants. At Solta there are many nice bays for anchoring stops, for example the wreck bay as we call it. Here you can snorkel on an old ship that has sunk. On the north side of Solta is Maslinica with the marina Martinis Marchi where the entire quay is made of the exclusive limestone from Brac. Here you can see the sun go down behind the small islands that are in the inlet and protect the bay.



Vis is the inhabited island at the far end of the coastline and closest to Italy. The island is a popular tourist destination and is visited annually by many tourists, mainly to the town of Vis. On the other side is Komiza, where almost only sailors go. From Vis you can explore many natural phenomena such as the blue and green caves. In the mountain on Vis there are 18km of tunnels and submarine bases that testify to the island’s military history. The film Mamma Mia 2 was also shot at Vis during the summer of 2018.



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